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DwellingArt™ Hand Free Floor Mop

DwellingArt™ Hand Free Floor Mop

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Effortless and Efficient: Hand Free Floor Mop for Professional Home Floor Cleaning

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our Hand Free Floor Mop for professional-quality home floor cleaning. Designed with efficiency in mind, this innovative mop and bucket set offers a hands-free cleaning system that simplifies your cleaning routine. Say goodbye to traditional mops that require constant bending and wringing. Our hand-free flat floor mop allows you to effortlessly glide across your floors, tackling dirt, grime, and spills with ease. Achieve sparkling clean hardwood floors without the hassle using our reliable and user-friendly floor cleaning system.

Superior Cleaning Performance: Washable Microfiber Pads for Hardwood Floors 

Our Hand Free Floor Mop is equipped with washable microfiber pads specifically designed for hardwood floors. These high-quality microfiber pads are highly absorbent and effectively trap dust, dirt, and debris, ensuring a thorough and streak-free clean. The gentle yet powerful cleaning action of the microfiber pads ensures the preservation of your hardwood floors, leaving them spotless and gleaming. With their reusable design, you can save money and reduce waste by simply washing and reusing the microfiber pads. Enjoy superior cleaning performance and maintain the beauty of your hardwood floors with our washable microfiber pads.

Convenient and Ergonomic Design: Hand-Free Flat Floor Mop and Bucket Set 

Our Hand Free Floor Mop features a convenient and ergonomic design that enhances your cleaning experience. The flat mop head is designed to reach into corners, under furniture, and other hard-to-reach areas with ease. The adjustable handle allows for customizable height, ensuring comfort and reducing strain during cleaning. The accompanying bucket is equipped with a hands-free wringing system, allowing you to easily squeeze out excess water from the mop without using your hands. Streamline your cleaning routine and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of our hand-free flat floor mop and bucket set.

Durable and Long-Lasting: Professional Home Floor Cleaning System

Our Hand Free Floor Mop is built to withstand the demands of regular home use. The mop handle and bucket are constructed from durable materials that ensure long-lasting performance. The high-quality microfiber pads are designed to withstand repeated use and washing, providing reliable and efficient cleaning for an extended period. Invest in a professional home floor cleaning system that will serve you well and provide exceptional results for years to come. Say goodbye to tedious cleaning tasks and embrace the convenience and durability of our hand-free floor mop.


  • 1 x Mop
  • 1 x Bucket
  • 4 x Pads


  • Material: Microfibre Fabric
  • Capacity: >701ml
  • Weight: <2kg
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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Lisandro Krajcik

I received the order very quickly, I must say that it is exactly as described.

Neal Friesen

I am very happy good product

Tobin Bashirian

I’m in love with this Mop and bucket. Makes things so much easier I don’t think I can go back to anything else.

Rick Stark

It's exactly to the photo, super cute flyers, nothing was broken, I recommend it😁

Name Shanahan

The order was shipped and delivered very fast. The goods were very good packed and everything seems fine. Didnt try it out yet however