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DwellingArt™ Lint Remover

DwellingArt™ Lint Remover

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Keep Your Clothes Pristine: Lint Remover for Effortless Fuzz and Pellet Removal 

Say goodbye to unsightly lint and fuzz on your clothes with our Lint Remover. This portable and easy-to-use device is specifically designed to remove lint, fuzz, and pellets from fabric surfaces, ensuring your garments always look fresh and well-maintained. With its powerful and precise trimming mechanism, our lint remover swiftly eliminates unwanted debris, rejuvenating your clothes and restoring their original appearance. Experience the convenience of a lint-free wardrobe with our reliable fabric shaver.

Portable and Convenient: Chargeable Fabric Shaver for On-the-Go Lint Removal 

Our lint remover is designed with portability in mind. With its rechargeable feature, you can take it anywhere and keep your clothes lint-free even while traveling. No need to worry about replacing batteries or finding power outlets. The compact size and lightweight design make it the perfect companion for quick touch-ups or emergency lint removal situations. Keep your clothes looking impeccable, no matter where you are, with our convenient and portable chargeable fabric shaver.

Gentle and Effective: Lint Remover that Safely Removes Fuzz from Clothes

Our lint remover is engineered to be gentle yet highly effective in removing fuzz from clothes. The precision blades delicately glide over fabric surfaces, safely removing lint and fuzz without causing any damage or snags. Rest assured that your favorite garments will remain intact and unharmed during the lint removal process. Enjoy a renewed and polished look for your clothes as our lint remover effortlessly restores their original appearance, leaving them fuzz-free and ready to wear.

Versatile and Reliable: Spool Removal for Various Types of Fabrics

Our lint remover is a versatile tool that caters to a wide range of fabrics. Whether you have delicate garments, sweaters, blankets, or upholstery, our spool removal feature ensures effective lint removal across different materials. Revitalize your entire wardrobe and household textiles with ease. The interchangeable attachments allow you to customize the lint removal process, adapting to the specific needs of each fabric type. Invest in our reliable lint remover to keep your clothes and fabrics looking impeccable and fuzz-free.


  • 1 x Lint Remover


  • Material: ABS
  • Battery:  1300mAh
  • Size: 145*62*65mm
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Eileen Crooks

Cool, copes with his task with a bang. Cool to pick out the accumulated "felt" from the compartment =). I can't say that this device was a discovery for me, because I used to remove Pilling from things with an old razor, and everything was OK. I looked at this trimmer for a long time, and decided whether I needed it or not. I do not regret buying in the end. First, it's much faster. Secondly, it is a rather fascinating and not at all a footy process. And there is no risk of ruining clothes. Recommend for purchase!

Georgianna Kunde

Great product. Quickly delivered in just a few days. Works well, looks great, quality is good. It does an excellent job with its function. I liked it. I recommend it.

Don Herman

Amazing product shipping arrived fast and fun to shave the fabrics feel cozy

Damion Schimmel

This is the most satisfying purchase I've ever made. This thing is miraculous! And also really satisfying to use! I'm very happy with it and highly recommend it to renew all clothing!

Amalia Stracke

Quickly removes not beautiful on clothes and even removes the thread for one without problems, it works perfectly with Type-C connection even better than the mini old version from Shiomi, it is original from Shiomi, the picture is clear before and after, the parcel was also delivered quickly enough, thank you for everything to the seller! Super! I recommend you try such a manual device...